Around the table with Martin Lines, South Cambs farmer and Chairman of the Nature Friendly Farming Network

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Martin Lines, arable farmer in South Cambridgeshire and chairman of the Nature Friendly Farming Network. Martin has worked with a number of other farmers across the country, voluntarily, to set up an organisation that helps farmers to farm sustainably for wildlife. They have achieved something quite... Continue Reading →


Murmurings are afoot

The sky is full of wet clouds that don't seem to lift much higher than the ground at the moment. The ice still slumps in puddles at midday into the following night, and with the snow gone, both people and the plants have are suffering a definite slump - very little energy left and many signs... Continue Reading →

Learning the difference between a tick a chick

About six months ago I didn't know the difference between a tick and a chick - they both sounded like the same thing to me and I couldn't understand how anyone could split the two apart. I was very frustrated at this inability to distinguish between chicks and ticks so I asked my boss how... Continue Reading →


“So… can we farm for wildlife now, please?”

This blog is titled so as it pretty much sums up how a conversation with my dad a few months ago, to get the sustainable agricultural ball rolling at Claypit hall. I have lived on this farm for the 22 and 3/4 years that I have existed, and largely speaking I wouldn't change it for... Continue Reading →


Wandering through Wildflowers

Increasingly we are finding wildflower margins nurtured throughout intensively farmed arable land, to help wildlife thrive within the agri-environment schemes. These margins are coming to the end of their flowering period, but up until now they have provided a haven for pollinators all season. Different plants provide different resources, and this can be exploited through... Continue Reading →


Finding a love for weeds in Butterfly paradise

Butterflies are known to be pretty scarce across east Anglian farmland, and this makes sense given the vast expanses of cereals that grow across most of it and the fact that 70% of butterfly species are in decline in the UK anyway. Of course, that doesn't have to be the case, and where wild flowering... Continue Reading →


A Party with the Nightjars

This week I managed to sacrifice a few too many hours sleep to come and see the Nightjars up at Nottingham. Thankfully, and as expected, the evening was worth every missing wink. It was an evening filled with chicks, churrs and a batman-esque fight between two very frisky males - an event that had to be... Continue Reading →


Cereals 2017

This month has been a baptism by fire in my new job as assistant manager at RSPB's Hope Farm in Cambridgeshire. My first week working full time at the farm, following finishing my masters degree, and we were off to the Cereals 2017 event in Lincolnshire. This is one of the biggest events in agriculture,... Continue Reading →


My first sighting of heron chicks at the nest!

I shall not say too much because my giddy excitement in the video says it all. All I will say is that this was my genuine first sighting of heron chicks, completely unexpected so early, and completely over the moon on a sunny afternoon. Please excuse the camera skills!


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