The Great Grey Heron Family

So one particular family that I’m looking forward to following in the next few months are the Great Grey Herons. We are very lucky to have such a large siege at Wollaton, and with about six males spotted so far, waiting at their nest for the right lady to come along, we could have a... Continue Reading →


Robins, Blackbirds, a Wren and some Great Tits all in a Student house!

So since I came back to Nottingham for exams this January, I decided to try providing some food for the local birds to help them over winter, and to provide myself with some solace from the mundane exam season. Since first putting some food on the brick barbeque a few weeks ago, we have had... Continue Reading →

An Icy Walk to see the Water Birds

Two Mallard males grooming on a log that was floating in the water So today I thought best to leave the deer in peace, and I was warmly welcomed by a family of the Great Grey Herons, the Pochard ducks who had made their way across Europe to winter at Wollaton, and amongst the usuals,... Continue Reading →

A Snowy Start to 2016

So after a lot of Christmas festivities, far too much food and drink, and an even greater unwanted excess of exam revision, I stepped out my door to some long awaited snow. With my camera, coat and gloves, I was thoroughly excited to be out shooting again. With rather sad looking one foot high snow... Continue Reading →

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