Rutting and Red Deer Conservation

It’s rutting season again! The stags are full of testosterone, chasing the ladies, and calling to warn other males of the unwelcome greeting they will receive if important antics are interfered with. Last week I had a fantastic afternoon watching the males, albeit from a very safe distance, with fascination over the tireless determination used... Continue Reading →


Badgers, Bovine TB and Bad Scientific Practice

Bovine tuberculosis is a long-term epidemic in the South West of England that spreads fear across farmers as cattle are slaughtered to control the spread of the disease. With the potential of transmission from badgers to cattle or humans, the badger cull pilot scheme was launched in 2013, with an aim to reduce Bovine Tuberculosis in... Continue Reading →

Summer Swallows!

So the summer has come to a close whether we like it or not, and with the end of the long and sunny days (sometimes!), comes an end to natures family making as well. The Swallows in particular have exploited any nooks and crannies available to nest their young. A local stables has a thriving... Continue Reading →

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