Bird Personality of the Year 2016

So sports personality of the year has been dubbed by some of my friends as the new Lack of Personality of the Year (not me, I promiseā€¦ sort of). Andy Murray, we may love you in a way, but achieving the title of three times winner is a little excessive for somebody I have seen... Continue Reading →


The fastest animal on earth nested in the heart of Nottingham

After David Attenborough's most recent Planet Earth episode on cities, it gives me great pleasure to introduce a record breaker living in our small corner of the globe. Here we provide a home to nothing less than the fastest animal on earth, diving for prey at speeds up to 389km/h with deathly precision. With a... Continue Reading →

Dogs help conservation – really!?

For many people, particularly in my neck of the woods, hearing the words dog and conservation in the same sentence will translate to how dogs are destroying the wildlife, disrupting ground nesting birds or small mammals, and generally causing havoc around the countryside. Following this, it was quite novel and to be honest ratherĀ intriguing to... Continue Reading →

A Benefit in Bird Ringing?

The other week, I had the pleasure of ringing some beautiful birds along the Lincolnshire coast. The sun shone, the company was excellent, and as always I was completely absorbed by everything about these delicate little birds. After catching birds in our nets, they were meticulously removed from their disorientated perch, before being taken back... Continue Reading →

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