New Year – New Resolutions!

2016 was, despite a few global political disasters, a fantastic year. I have successfully completed the bachelor’s part to my degree, and have nearly completed my Zoology Master’s that I have been thoroughly enjoying. I have taken my desire to work in Science Communication by the horns, and have since become a proud contributor to the New Nature e-magazine, Japa’s environmental blog, and Science Editor of Impact. Altogether life is going well very, however, I have addressed a few things that need to be improved in my goal to help the world of conservation and enjoy the UKs wildlife to the full.

Record Sightings


I always enjoy my wanders around the countryside, looking for any interesting species, be it a common blue tit or something a little out of the ordinary. I have noticed however that some of my blogging friends take great care to record their sightings throughout the year, and I thought it would be a great thing to do myself. I have a beautiful new diary for the year, and in new spirits, aim to record each species seen (please forgive me however for the lack of pigeon sightings that will be written down – I may lose count!).

Take more time behind the lens

I have been photographing wildlife for a few years now, and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. I am guilty, however, of taking a shot before thinking “yup that’ll do”, and rush off to the next demanding task in my life. Whilst I have taken some reasonable shots this year, I think they could be vastly improved with more thought behind them. This year I vow to take more time, more pauses and think before I press the button on my camera to get a snap of what lies in front of me.

Improve my wildlife encounter blogs

I thoroughly enjoyed writing about the wildlife I found out and about, however, I believe more can be offered in each blog, and more can be made interesting! In an attempt to provide you all with something a little more exciting and unusual, I have been lucky enough to get hold of a few wildlife camera traps to capture video footage. I have also been incredibly lucky in being gifted an owl box from my parents, so who knows what exciting wildlife that may bring! It is easy to assume we will find an owl nesting there, but with Kestrels residing nearby they may find the new home equally as welcoming. Watch this space, soon I may be lucky enough to catch some live goings-on of the wildlife where I live, to give another dynamic to my wildlife blogs.

Our Jack Russell, Molly, a little less impressed than myself with my owl box


Take the next step in my conservation and science communication career

Perhaps the most difficult of all… deciding what to do in my career, and acting upon where to go next. For the past few years, I have been like a child in a sweet shop trying to choose between a Ph.D., an internship, or a job in an NGO that may help bridge the gap between the public sector and the conservationist community. With a particular interest in agriculture in conservation, I need to make some serious decisions and work incredibly hard over the next few months, to make my next turn at this crossroads in my conservation career. This all sounds a little grown up and terrifying to me but my excitement for the possibilities that lie in front of me certainly outweigh all of those emotions!

So, that is my very brief overview of my goals and aims over the next 12 months. Bring it on 2017, and I hope you’re ready for me!


Featured Image: the view from our living room window on Christmas day. Great Bardfield, Essex.


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