The boxes are up!

Before going up to Nottingham to start my final term of University (oh god, why did this have to end so soon, still so not ready for real life, help.), me and Dad enjoyed a very productive afternoon setting up the nest boxes for both the large and small bird species around the farm.

The tit box:

After a few years hosting a tit family on the side of our house, this year I invested in an incredibly reasonable nest box camera for this year’s brood(s). Please do message me if you want more details on a camera for your own boxes at home, as some can be very expensive. This camera gave us perfectly adequate footage, though, for only £22 including the wire to connect to our TV. Please also remember the cameras need to be up very soon to avoid interfering too much with family making activities!


This bird has already started making his nest for the year (note this is not a nest box camera image, just a shot from my DSLR)

The birds start looking for nesting sites and setting up their dens around now, so try to set up the camera in the day when they are most likely foraging for food, and so won’t be disrupted in the nest. It is also a good idea to clear out old nest boxes to prevent the spread of mites and other parasites, but this may not be such a good idea now as the birds will have already started making their nests. As much as you may want to help keep the birds clean, at this point in the year you may end up with some very angry tits, and nobody wants those.


The Barn owl box

With help from Dad and the loader, we assembled Claypit hall’s first Barn owl box! I can’t say any health and safety forms were filled in during the box’s assembly on the barn wall, but we had a lot of fun doing it none-the-less! No camera fitted to this box, yet: we’re just going to see what turns up.


Dad taking very important measurements to put the box up (at this point I could only pretend I understood what his mumbling of ways to assemble the box referred to)
Up we go!
home sweet home 


I suspect we are more likely of providing a home for a Kestrel family if anything, with the very Kestrel-like droppings and pellets around where the box was put in. Whatever happens, I’ll be grateful of any bird we find paying it a visit.


Molly being very helpful on rat patrol



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