My first sighting of heron chicks at the nest!

I shall not say too much because my giddy excitement in the video says it all. All I will say is that this was my genuine first sighting of heron chicks, completely unexpected so early, and completely over the moon on a sunny afternoon. Please excuse the camera skills!


Mimicking a Lab Rat

It is becoming more and more apparent in conservation that we need a good understanding of translocation biology, and my research is working on just that. This is the moving of individuals of a species either between populations in the wild¬†or from captivity into wild populations to boost genetic diversity. Where isolated populations have depleted... Continue Reading →

Savouring Every Last Drop

Everybody has noticed more hours of light in the first week of March, and with more hours of beautiful sun comes a new urged desire to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. The air has a new and fresh scent, and the light that greets you as you walk out the door has... Continue Reading →

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