My first sighting of heron chicks at the nest!

I shall not say too much because my giddy excitement in the video says it all. All I will say is that this was my genuine first sighting of heron chicks, completely unexpected so early, and completely over the moon on a sunny afternoon. Please excuse the camera skills!

When things got weird in the night!

Well, yesterday after the events that unfolded in front of the camera trap, I could not have hoped for anything more exciting than what I had already seen in daylight. Exciting was perhaps not the right word for what happened last night, but perhaps just¬†downright weird. Not only had another interesting array of wildlife been…

Buzzing after a meeting with the Buzzards!

This morning the snow was being blown around the sky like feathers shaken from vigorously from a down pillow, and the ice cold wind was sharp, whipping across my cheeks. Of course, the weather conditions were not ideal for catching wildlife on camera, but I had a feeling that I was going to get lucky….

The Badger Set, 2/1/2017

Over the past few weeks, I have captured hours of footage. Unfortunately, of which mostly consisted of branches, twigs, and dead foliage. I am sure you will understand how ecstatic I was, therefore, to find that last night all the local wildlife had come to visit the badger set! I managed to find badgers, which…