Waxwing lyrical

The past few weeks have been busy, full of murmuring clues to say I've nearly finished university, apparently ready to embark on the next chapter of my life. Unfortunately, there has been something quite wrong about February, though. I have spent most of it inside. Many hours have been consumed by my thesis project, hunched... Continue Reading →



These past two weeks I have been spoilt, yet again, for sightings of more exciting birds around Nottinghamshire. A fantastic, bright morning out ringing last Sunday, and a dusky afternoon around Attenborough gave nothing short of a treat in my bird count of 2017. Whilst out ringing, the new sightings of a Marsh and Coal... Continue Reading →


Well, this week has been a real treat for me in the bird world! A mini marathon biking to three nature parks in three days ensured my heart was full of nature fancies, and I certainly have felt all the better for it. Cloudy days? Drizzly rain? Ice biting cold? It doesn't matter, January's wildlife... Continue Reading →


Just a short post. Here are my bird sightings for the week, with four new additions to the list for 2017! Barn owl! (albeit from a car, but there was no doubt that this flash of cream in the night was one of these beautiful creatures) Little egret Redwing Long-tailed tit (both of these two shots... Continue Reading →

When things got weird in the night!

Well, yesterday after the events that unfolded in front of the camera trap, I could not have hoped for anything more exciting than what I had already seen in daylight. Exciting was perhaps not the right word for what happened last night, but perhaps just downright weird. Not only had another interesting array of wildlife been... Continue Reading →


Ok, so after how well some people have been doing on their Bird Races, whereby they try to sight as many new species within the year, I think my bird sightings could be seen as a little modest... However, I was very pleased with this weeks sightings - 3 new species to me and a... Continue Reading →

The week we went to Welney

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to visit Welney Wildlife Reserve with my family. It was a trip I had been looking forward to all Christmas, and after an article I had written on the Whooper swan last month, I couldn’t wait to finally meet these amazing birds. Upon arrival we were lucky enough to see... Continue Reading →

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