My first sighting of heron chicks at the nest!

I shall not say too much because my giddy excitement in the video says it all. All I will say is that this was my genuine first sighting of heron chicks, completely unexpected so early, and completely over the moon on a sunny afternoon. Please excuse the camera skills!


Savouring Every Last Drop

Everybody has noticed more hours of light in the first week of March, and with more hours of beautiful sun comes a new urged desire to spend as much time enjoying it as possible. The air has a new and fresh scent, and the light that greets you as you walk out the door has... Continue Reading →


These past two weeks I have been spoilt, yet again, for sightings of more exciting birds around Nottinghamshire. A fantastic, bright morning out ringing last Sunday, and a dusky afternoon around Attenborough gave nothing short of a treat in my bird count of 2017. Whilst out ringing, the new sightings of a Marsh and Coal... Continue Reading →


Well, this week has been a real treat for me in the bird world! A mini marathon biking to three nature parks in three days ensured my heart was full of nature fancies, and I certainly have felt all the better for it. Cloudy days? Drizzly rain? Ice biting cold? It doesn't matter, January's wildlife... Continue Reading →

The week we went to Welney

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to visit Welney Wildlife Reserve with my family. It was a trip I had been looking forward to all Christmas, and after an article I had written on the Whooper swan last month, I couldn’t wait to finally meet these amazing birds. Upon arrival we were lucky enough to see... Continue Reading →

Spring is here! (apparently)

The snow has been falling, the wind blowing, and the rain pouring down onto Nottingham - of course this can only mean its spring. It has been a while since I took a visit to the university lake, and despite the recent strange weather, it is like somebody has waved a wand over the lake,... Continue Reading →

The Crafty Cormorant

Last week I took a visit to the university lake where I met a Great Cormorant. His face looked like the cross between that of a dinosaur and a gnarly troll. Given that previous description, it seems impossible for me to like this bird, but given his crafty and wily nature, his phenomenal resilience, and... Continue Reading →

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